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Thanks to the properties of its fabric, the Lightflow Fiberlight T-Shirt for men/women is suited for any issue regarding shoulders, trunk, or abdomen, such as headache, arthritis, arthrosis, bone and muscle pain. It is great during and after physical activities. With its modern and appealing cut and its neutral color, the Lightflow Fiberlight T-Shirt can be used as a regular garment. Moreover, as it is thin and made of a soft, elastic and comfortable fabric that gently follows the shape of the body, it can be used also underneath regular clothes. Thanks to thermoregulatory properties of Far Infrared rays, the Lightflow Fiberlight garments give a sensation of warmth in winter and are fresh and breathable in summer.
Also Available for women and/or in white.


On our planet, there are materials which are by nature emissive of FIR rays (Far Infrared Rays,) such as black tourmaline, also used in traditional Japanese medicine. Through a patented manufacturing process which implies the pulverization of these materials and their insertion into the weave of the fabric, all Lightflow Fiberlight products have an extremely high Far Infrared power. Through this technology, Lightfow transforms ordinary garments into health, wellness and performance products, with the benefits of a FIR treatment (which is usually very expensive in specialised centres), without limits, simply by wearing a garment.

LIGHTFLOW garments, if treated with care, fully preserve their efficiency in time.

Cod. F-TS-UNS Men’s T-Shirt Black S/M – Italy – 44/48 – EU – 2/3/4
Cod. F-TS-UNL Men’s T-Shirt BlackL/XL – Italy – 50/54– EU – 5/6/7

From a minimum of 94% to 100% polyamide microfiber (PA) 6.6 NILIT®INNERGY.

To protect the quality of FIR LIGHTFLOW garments, wash by hand or in the washing machine, choosing a program for delicate items that reaches a maximum of 30°C.
Do not bleach.
Do not iron.
Do not dry clean.
Do not spin dry.


What are Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

Infrared raysare a kind of electromagnetic waves. To understand the functioning of the technology at the basis of Lightflow products, it is necessary to take into consideration that subset of infrareds called “Far Infrared Rays”. When Far Infrared waves penetrate through the skin, reaching subcutaneous levels, they transform into thermal energy, dilating blood capillaries and helping the body eliminate toxins and metabolic waste through sweating. Activated by warmth, human cells absorb the energy of the far infrared through a process known as “resonance” or “resonance absorption” and the activities of cells are immediately strengthened, thus favoring the exchange between cells and blood of oxygen, nutrients and waste. Infrared, in the form of light and warmth, is essential for the functioning of our whole system and it is also very beneficial for health. As a matter of fact, far infrared lamps are frequently used also by doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc, to treat arthritis, joint pain, muscle stiffness, tendons and ligaments injuries, as they accelerate all kinds of healing process.

Other benefits of FIR:
  • Far Infrared rays can reduce anxiety and stress; as a consequence, they improve the quality of sleep, making us feel well rested, lively and full of energy in the morning.
  • They are a godsend for those who do sports activities: they increase their energy and performances; after intense muscle work, they reduce muscle soreness and the feeling of fatigue, and contrast muscular tension, and, in case of injuries, they relieve pain and reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • They have athermoregulatory action: they give a warm sensation in winter, and freshness in summer.
  • They restore your energy level by optimizing the cells production and use of it, acting on the water that is naturally present in the body, making it more available for regular metabolic processes (see next paragraph).
  • They alleviate sore throat and reduce breathing difficulties (asthma, allergies, etc); they can also ionisethe space around us, increasing the quality of the air that we breathe.
  • They favour the disappearance of skin problems, spots, pimples, and also help combat psoriasis.
  • They improve circulationand blood oxygenation.
  • They accelerate serotoninoxidationimproving the mood.
  • They help the production of antioxidants and have a strong rejuvenating action on the whole body.
  • By optimising tissue hydration, they facilitate the diuresis and the elimination of cellulites.
  • They have a bacteriostaticeffect, that can inhibit or limit bacterial replication.


What does “declustering water” mean

The water in the human body has the important and vital task of regulating cellular volume and body temperature, transporting oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the whole body and removing their metabolic waste. Yet, not all the water in our organism is immediately available, because by nature, molecules connect through a “Hydrogen bond”, forming smallclusters that are created and then spontaneously separate billions of times per second, making water partially clustered. Water molecule clusters are sensitive to Far Infrared frequenciesthat absorb these frequencies, which makes them vibrate and rotate, destroying a great part of the bonds and preventing the formation of new bonds. When FIR rays reach our body, they decluster the water in the organism, facilitating the process of cellular hydration and the exchange of substances transmitted by water, quickening these reactions. The consequent improvement of cellular functions increases health, well-being and the functionalities of the whole body.

What is NILIT

Founded in 1969 by Ennio Levi, strong>>NILIT is a company which creates innovative solutions in nylon which, thanks to its experience in polymerization, in the spinning and texturisation, offers a complete range of quality products and services for clothing applications. The Lightflow Fiberlightproducts are approved by NILIT, which certifies a FIR ray emission between 80% and 90%, higher than any other fabric.


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