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In every self-respecting dream, the characteristics that must not be missed are essentially three: passion, foresight and love for what you do. Lightflow is our dream come true, solid values company with an innovative vision. We consider decisive improvements in terms of well-being, skillfully translating millennial knowledge and cutting-edge technologies into the development of the products of our three main lines: Carbolight, Nutrilight e Fiberlight, distributed in Italy and Europe.

If today we are pride about the great confidence from our consumers, is because our team has been dedicating body and soul to realize new products and new forms of consumption simple an effective, in order to contribute day after day to the dissemination of a well-being oriented lifestyle. Our reason for living is to distribute a value on the market by developing high quality products, and we have been doing so since 2012 in L’Aquila in the heart of the Abruzzo, in central Italy.

We address to all the customers which have understood that the quality of food is transformed into the quality of their lives. Based on the Hans Krebs intuition, Nobel prize of medicine, we have created an extraordinary range of low sugar foods, sources of proteins and with a high content of fibers.

If it is true that a company is enlightened when it is able to convert problems into opportunities within everyone’s reach, Lightflow is the perfect example.

Welcome to Lightflow… This is where we start!


Values that guide LIGHTFLOW

We don’t make products to have profit, we distribute them and make them known to improve people’s well-being. The gains, thanks to the attention paid to the nutritional aspects and the exceptional taste of the products, are a natural consequence. We blindly believe in all this, and we put it into practice by expressing in everything we do our Values: Freedom, Collaboration, Integrity, Value of the Person, Affirmation, Trust.



We help people to find the financial freedom and the career they aspire to, giving them listening about their desires of a tailor-made life and the wishing to go far. We support them in the way to the free enterprise and personal freedom, offering to anyone who wants to engage actively and ethically, significant opportunities for economic and professional success, becoming part of a solid and secure business which is oriented to the people’s wellness



The sense of collaboration is powerful for us. Lightflow is the ideal space in which share professional experiences and goals, we are an extended family based on a sense of belonging, on mutual help, on the support of a large community of a Salespersons and a structured company that makes its employees protagonists of a motivating, dynamic and rewarding system.



Is the glue that keeps together the people’s business. Is a powerful ally in leadership and success: the latter, in fact, is not only measured in economic terms, becauseit depends above all on respect, honesty and trust. Foe us is an imperative that, our employees and partners act with integrity, because only who owns this quality is able to spend themselves for others with empathy and credibility.



We are deeply convinced about the centrality of the person and about his value. Weact according to the principle that everyone is worthy of respect and deserve an equal treatment, as well as the opportunity to achieve success to the full potential. The absolute value addressed to people cannot be called into question, we work every day to ensure that this principle applies to everyone.



Into Lightflow, the establishment allows to grow and realize, to work in autonomy and to obtain gains. Who achieves results acting with ethics and passion, deserves to be recognized and rewarded. We offer different opportunities for those who stand out for their commitment and constancy, for those who work hard, for those who help others to achieve their goals and increase their well-being.


Lightflow offers an opportunity to people belonging to any social and economic group who share a common desire to have a better life. With our support and the opportunity we give them, we believe that people can really achieve great goals.

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