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Scientific Studies

Lightflow promotes Scientific Research and Studies

It is now known how much nutrition determines our state of health.

What we eat deeply affects the internal processes of our organism. Food choices are fundamental, not only to feel good today but also to ensure a future free of those diseases explicitly linked to a poor diet.

Knowledge leads to awareness

Precisely because nutrition is part of the basic needs of each human being it is necessary to give each individual the opportunity to choose consciously, evaluating all the information available. Moreover, if Ludwig Feuerbach in 1804 said: “We are what we eat”; today we could trace this statement by adding: “We know what we eat”.

Lightflow: more than a diet, a lifestyle lowcarb

Since we are aware of proposing, rather than a diet, a lifestyle; based on principles – those of ketogenic and lowcarb nutrition – still not widespread, and that we do it through revolutionary products – the line Carbolight; we want offer all curious people the tools to get to know each other better.

Lightflow’s mission: spreading well-being consciously

Lightflow was born with the mission of bringing well-being into people’s lives and to do so consciously, through clear and transparent information. So, given that the benefits of ketogenic and lowcarb nutrition have been and still are produced numerous studies, here, we want to focus on lowcarb Carbolight products.

Promoting product research and study

To ensure the safety of information and provide scientific support to our products,Lightflow promotes research in the field of nutrition, using the advice of nutritionists and medical experts, from major Italian institutes.

Micro RNA: the scientific study on Carbolight products

We are proud that the scientific study on Micro RNA, carried out by four Italian universities and published on the authoritative medical magazines Pubmedhave assessed, in world premiere, as the diet lowcarb Carbolight, as well as facilitating the loss of excess pounds and the increase in cell mass, can positively influence Micro-RNA, the molecules that modulate protein synthesis.

The Microbiota and Carbolight: the preliminary study

The preliminary study on the intestinal Microbiota showed how, through the daily use of lowcarb carbolight foods, it is possible to rebalance the Microbiota, obtaining at the same time a considerable weight loss, as demonstrated by the results of the subjects involved.

Lightflow, a laboratory of ideas in continuous evolution

Lightflow was born in 2012, with the aim of spreading well-being, vitality and awareness among people and doing so in an absolutely different and original way, proposing something that was not there before.

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The continuous evolution, the improvement and the overcoming of the limits are essential values for Lightflow that is proposed as a real laboratory of ideas, always in motion. For this reason, research, development, study and science are fundamental prerequisites for all the activities of Lightflow and constitute the solid basis from which to start and the wings with which to fly to go higher and higher.


Those who participated to the research:

  • Prof. Roberto Cannataro
  • Dr. Luca Galelli
  • Dr. Maria Cristina Caroleo
  • Dr. Stella Lucia Volpe
  • Dr. Maurine Kane
  • Prof. Giovanbattista De Sarro
  • Dr. Erika Cione
  • Dr. Maria Rita Perri


Those who participated to the research:

  • Dr. Laurie Lynn Carelli
  • Dr. Armida Incorvaia
  • Dr. Gabriele Montera
  • Dr. Giada Scorza


Prof. Dina Bellizzi

Given the excellent results achieved with the preliminary study on the relationship between products Carbolight – lowcarb, low in sugar and rich in fiber and protein – weight shape and balance of the gut microbiota; Lightflow decided to deepen the study, extending the observation period well beyond the initial 8 weeks. In the video we propose some interesting anticipations by Dr Dina Bellizzi, Associate Professor in Genetics, at the Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences of Unical.

Stay tuned

The final results of the study will be published shortly, together with valuable scientific considerations, and we will thus highlight the positive results that have emerged in the context of research into the administration of Carbolight foods.


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