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Scientific Studies

All of us, are able to have a profound effect upon our body’s processes, through what we eat. To ensure the security of the information and providing the scientific support to our products, we promote the research in the nutritional field through the use of the advices of expert doctors and nutritionists of the largest Italian Institutes. The scientific study on Micro RNAs is an absolute world premiere that evaluates how the Carbolight diet, in addition to the loss of excess weight and to the increase of the cell mass, can positively influence the Micro-RNAs, the molecules that modulate protein synthesis. The preliminary study on the intestinal Microbiota has shown how through the daily use of Carbolight foods, it is possible to rebalance the Microbiota, while obtaining a significant weight loss achieved by the subjects involved.



Those who participated to the research:

  • Prof. Roberto Cannataro
  • Dr. Luca Galelli
  • Dr. Maria Cristina Caroleo
  • Dr. Stella Lucia Volpe
  • Dr. Maurine Kane
  • Prof. Giovanbattista De Sarro
  • Dr. Erika Cione
  • Dr. Maria Rita Perri



Those who participated to the research:

  • Dr. Laurie Lynn Carelli
  • Dr. Armida Incorvaia
  • Dr. Gabriele Montera
  • Dr. Giada Scorza



Prof. Dina Bellizzi

Here are some interesting previews in the company of Dina Bellizzi, Associate Professor in Genetics at the Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences of Unical. Stay tuned: Soon we will publish the results about the definitive scientific results ad we will present the scientific reflections of a great value. In order to understand the importance of the second phase of the scientific study, in fact, we will shortly disseminate the data obtained by the researchers in the field of the Carbolight foods administration and about the entire research.

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