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Dr. Andrea Kleiner

Specialist in Internal Medicine

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Udine and specialized in Internal Medicine at the same university. He has developed his skills mainly in the field of Diabetology, focusing on diabetes mellitus and on cardiovascular prevention. He has participated as a speaker in more than 40 courses and seminars. He is a member of the prestigious American Diabetes Association.


In just 3 minutes Dr. Kleiner gives an explanation of the ketogenic diet benefits.

75% calories deriving from fat
20% calories deriving from protein
5% calories deriving from carbohydrates

Dr. Fife, B. (2018)

The long life diet
My Life edition

«Ketogenic diets not only have proved to be safe, but also more effective in improving general health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases than low-fat diets. La dieta chetogenica ha mostrato risultati più promettenti influendo su una serie di marcatori di buona salute».

Dr. Cazzavillan, S. (2021)

Super metabolism with the ketogenic diet
Sperling & Kupfer edition

«With the ketogenic diet you will find yourself more energetic and vital, you will not feel that continuous exhausting languor and, in addition, from the metabolic point of view, you will have all the benefits of fasting because it induces in the body a state of ketosis that mime the positive effects of abstinence from food».

Dr. Berrino, F. (2016)

Franco Berrino: why remove sugar from your own diet
Monthly site

A high consumption of sugar, especially in liquid form, is the cause of obesity (it is not the only cause, the others are the excess of foods with a high glycemic index, such as potatoes and refined flour).The most harmful component of sugar is fructose, associated with dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, insulin resistance. Even a few weeks with a diet that contains 10% of calories in the form of sugar causes these changes».

Professor Valter D. Longo (2018)

The long life diet

«This diet does nothing more that pushing the body to burn fat to produce energy, thus allowing you to lose weight even without physical activity, at rest, while working and while sleeping».

Pauline Larson (2020)

Keto Diet After 50

«Currently, almost all major paediatric hospitals offer a ketogenic diet as an alternative or supplement to the classic pharmaceutical therapies available».

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