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Ketogenic diet: a diet approved by the science

It is well known that our state of health largely depends on food choices. In fact, a proper nutrition represents the first, effective prevention tool to keep the organism in shape. Today, an increasing number of doctors, scientists, experts in nutrition, promotes a ketogenic or lowcarb diet, since it is agreed in attributing to that sugars play a crucial role in the spread of numerous diseases. In fact, scientific evidence shows that an excess of sugar in the body favors and feeds a state of cell inflammation that, over time, can bring several problems.

Science and ketogenic alimentation.

In response to these considerations, in recent times, scientists have returned to study to deepen the diet ketogenic, already “discovered” at the beginning of the last century, as a cure for epilepsy. The ketogenic diet, also in its lowcarb variant, is characterized by a substantial reduction of sugars in favor of fats, with a balanced protein intake.That is, in the ketogenic diet, the body finds its main source of energy in fats and no longer in sugars.

The nutritional ketosis

This switch sets in motion a virtuous circle, so the organism, in the absence of glucose, is forced to find new sources of energy. The body’s response to this deficiency situation is nutritional ketosis; that is, the organism synthesizes, from fat, new molecules from which to draw energy: ketones.
It follows, therefore, that the organism to obtain ketones must first burn fat.

Compared to sugars,ketones are a much more valuable and efficient fuel:

  • reduce cell inflammation and oxidative stress, causing disease and aging;
  • reduce glucose and insulin levels in the blood;
  • are immediately bioavailable for cells;
  • are an optimal energy source for brain cells.

Ketones represent a source of energy of the highest quality. In addition to providing fuel to the organism, they improve its performance, both physically and mentally.

Lightflow and ketogenic nutrition

The Carbolightline of Lighflow was designed based on this premise. Carbolight was created to offer people a valid alternative, in terms of nutritional values and taste, to traditional products. Carbolight products, in fact, are perfectly compatible with a ketogenic or lowcarb diet, because they are characterized by a reduced carbohydrate content, compared to a high fibre content and a balanced protein intake.

The experts opinion

Recently, many doctors, scientists and biologists have spoken in favour of the ketogenic or low carb diet. Below we propose a series of titles and suggestions to deepen the topic.

The Video

In addition, you can find a short video that, in just 3 minutes, offers a comprehensive overview of this revolutionary diet.


75% calories deriving from fat
20% calories deriving from protein
5% calories deriving from carbohydrates
Dr. Bruce Fife

Dr. Fife, B. (2018)

The long life diet
My Life edition

«Ketogenic diets not only have proved to be safe, but also more effective in improving general health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases than low-fat diets. Ketogenic diet showed more promising results influencing a great number of healthy markers».

Dr. Stefania Cazzavillan

Dr. Cazzavillan, S. (2021)

Super metabolism with the ketogenic diet
Sperling & Kupfer edition

«With the ketogenic diet you will find yourself more energetic and vital, you will not feel that continuous exhausting languor and, in addition, from the metabolic point of view, you will have all the benefits of fasting because it induces in the body a state of ketosis that mime the positive effects of abstinence from food».


Pauline Larson (2020)

Keto Diet After 50

«Currently, almost all major paediatric hospitals offer a ketogenic diet as an alternative or supplement to the classic pharmaceutical therapies available».

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We remember that the ketogenic diet is considered to be a lifestyle and cannot be considered a cure for pathologies. The following information has EXCLUSIVELLY informative purpose and are not intended to substitute any professional medical opinion, whose intervention is necessary for the prescription of personalized food therapies.