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We address to all the customers which have understood that the quality of food is transformed into the quality of their lives. This is why we have created an extraordinary range of foods Carbolight low in sugar, source of protein and high in fibre Because they are rich in fiber, they have a much lower percentage of carbohydrates than ordinary foods such as pasta, bread and sweets which are prepared with traditional flours; for that reason, they are appreciated and loved by anyone who wants to reduce the daily intake of carbohydrates, following a ketogenic or a low carb diet. To achieve all this, Italian scientists and technologists have created a research and development department unique in the world, within which the products, formulated from scientific studies and raw materials of the highest quality, are designed to ensure that people can eat with taste and wellness without renouncing to their habits. All our products are the result of the best ingredient selection, of a careful processing and care for every little detail, able to offer to the consumers a complete gastronomic experience thanks to the presence of many varieties of Fist Courses, Desserts, Savoiry Foods, Single Portions, Easylight e Pack.



The continuous external stimuli, the stressful work contexts, all the countless commitments and the unfavourable environmental factors often have negative effects on our balance. In that scenario are inserted the revolutionary products of the line Nutrilight, that simplify the exhausting situations to leave more space and time to the things that make us really happy. Practicality, wellness and quality are the guidelines that we follow for the development of all our products, conceived according to a 360-degree view of people’s needs, of their tastes and rhythms of life. Nutrilight is the result of long-distance synergies and research. After years of studies we have created a line of products that includes food supplements, coffee, tea and instant drinks enriched with extracts of plants and fruits, foods more sophisticated than ever, rich in nutrients, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All formulations are safe and effective, which help you better face the daily challenges.



We have specialized in one of the most revolutionary technologies: that of the textile fibers Far Infrared. The technique of infrared tissues in contact with the body works like a reactive mirror: it captures the thermal radiation emitted by the body heat and reacts using these radiations to return energy to the body. What we have done is to transform normal clothing and accessories into products Fiberlight can improve the ability of cells and tissues to regenerate. Clothing and accessories made with FIR technology contain high-emissivity minerals of Far Rays Infrared. Acting upon the water naturally present in the body, increase the availability favoring the homeostasis and the normal metabolic system, improving the cellular features without releasing substances foreign to the body. Our products can be used by men and women without restriction of age: the comfortable and wrap around fit, allows to wear it on every occasion: at home, at work, at night or during the sports activity. They are addressed to all those who want more energy, those who do sports activities and look ahead at greater performance, or those who are subject to mild, acute or chronic problems.






I am Sabrina Costantino, I am 45, I’m married and I have two children.

Since I was a child, I have been trying to find solutions to my first-level obesity problem..

I lived an extra-large life. I tried several diets, snack, replacement meals, pills, purgative drinks, untill to get to the lap-band surgery.

All unsuccessful attempts, because unsustainable in the longer term and unable to solve the problem..

Four years ago, a good friend of mine, whom I will never stop thanking, advised me to try the products Lightflow, that allowed me to lose weight without changing my habits.

In a very short time I lost 46 kg and 12 sizes, but the best thing was the disappearance of the yo yo effect along with reflux esophagitis, colitis, intestinal ulcers.

LightflowIt has given me wellness, it has given me health, it has allowed me to rediscover that sought-after femininity for a very long time. Thank youLightflow.




HII am Candida, I’ m 48 and I’m mom of three kids. Working on the highway and also doing night shifts I constantly need energy.

In a period of my life I felt very tired, swollen and moreover I couldn’ t lose even 100 gr..

During thelockdown a friend of mine, knowing my fatigue and stress disorders, offered me the Lightflow feed.

On 6 May 2020, I tried it and I became new wolrd, I have so much more energies, I feel great and above all, I lost 15 kg..

I think there is no diet better than this, I really recommend it to everyone..

Thank youLightflow.




My name is Massimo and since I chose to use Lightflow products I lost 20 kg.

I started my journey starting from a weight of 110 kg. Besides being overweight, my doctor diagnosed me a troubling liver steatosis, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and to make matters worse, also a persistent migraine.

In the first 3 months I lost 15 KG, reaching stunning results: mild liver steatosis, normalized triglycerides and cholesterol, and my terrible headaches were completely gone.

What can I say, thank you Lightflow.




My name is Simone, I work as a business agent. I started using Lightflow products in early September, starting from a weight of 119 KG to get to weigh today 78 KG.

Not only have I lost weight, but I have reached a level of physical and psychological wellness and also without giving up the pleasure of eating.

I use Fiberlight clothing to experience all the benefits of FIR rays and I also enjoyed the extraordinary drinks with Ganoderma.

I fully adoped the wellness and a healthy lifestyle thanks to Lightflow.

Rediscover the wellness with LIGHTFLOW

There are many people who have regained their wellness thanks to the Lightflow diet. Women and men that are happy with their achievements, which have seen their life and physical form change for the better.

If you are among those who want to feel good and lose excess weight, there is nothing better than seeing with your own eyes people who have made it, even more by looking at their results with images that compare the before and after Lightflow. You are looking at people who have decided to better themselves and like each other, and who today are so excited about their journey that they want to show it to all of us.

The mission is clear: Lightflow contributes to people’s wellness without changing their habits, and it does so by creating a wide range of tasty products, low in sugar and rich in fiber, which contain goodness and well-being for a pleasant lifestyle!

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