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Prof. Roberto Cannataro WATCH THE VIDEO Biochemical Engineer, Food
Technologist and Nutritionist.
“…this diet regimen promotes absolutely HEALTH…”
Dr. Luca Galelli WATCH THE VIDEO Pharmacologist, Researcher at the University of Catanzaro “… without taking any medication, the triglycerides value decreases from 1200mg to 200mg...” Dr. Armida Incorvaia WATCH THE VIDEO Biologist “…after the use of Carbolight products, there is an improve of the intestinal dysbiosis…” Maria Cristina Caroleo WATCH THE VIDEO Immunologist, Researcher at the University of Catanzaro “…this particular diet regimen improves the immune response…” Dr. Laurie Lynn Carelli WATCH THE VIDEO Biologist “… I have tried the Carbolight products on myself, and I found them very pleasant, and I recommend them to my patients…” Dr. Andrea Kleiner WATCH THE VIDEO Specialist in interne medicine “…the ketogenic diet brings benefits to health from many points of view…”
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