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Lightflow: transparency and information

For us at Lightflow, transparency and information are fundamental values. We are proud of our products and, as we are aware of their uniqueness, our customer service is always available to provide you with the information you need.

The mission of Lightflow is to promote a healthy lifestyle, aimed at increasing well-being, through the three lines:Carbolight, Nutrilight and Fiberlight.

Carbolight, Nutrilight and Fiberlight the wellness revolution.

Since these products are absolutely innovative, designed for a healthy and conscious lifestyle, it is normal to want to know more. Lightflow customer service is always ready to answer your questions, to clarify questions about lowcarb products; on the ketogenic diet; on how to purchase.

But there is more, because if you enter Lightflow, in addition to customer support you can use the Chimera e-Consultation service, to be followed by a professional along your path to well-being.

The originality a characteristic of Lightflow.

Lightflow, more than a simple diet proposes a lifestyle, is a company that focuses on people. For this, it has adopted a mode of distribution that promotes relationships; rewards loyalty and creates a direct relationship between the end user and the company.

In practice, Lightflow transforms the intermediary into something more: a collaborator – IBO, whose ultimate purpose is not simply the sale but the transmission of values, principles, meanings. In short, the desire to make other people feel better.

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Solve the problems

Lightflow was born to solve the problem of all those people who want to improve their lifestyle but for different reasons could not do it.
In particular, the line of Carbolight products has been designed to offer, even to people suffering from insulin-related diseases, such as diabetes, the possibility of living at the table a food and wine experience of the highest level.

Being well, in 2021, can no longer be the prerogative of a few, or synonymous with renunciation or sacrifice. Everyone must have a choice. Lightflow has, therefore, applied all the scientific knowledge and technologies to the benefit of the largest number of people possible.

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