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Business opportunity

A partnership with a world leader in the sector

With a world-class Research & development department, aims to become leaders in the low-carb and ketogenic industries.
By now, decades of research and development will allow you to have unique products of its kind and without rivals or competition. In fact, today there is not a single company that can make products with these characteristics: below 5% carbohydrates, with ingredients such as resistant starch and liquid inulin, without soy protein.

Today being able to become entrepreneurs has become a very unlikely experience with many obligations, lot of taxes, so many difficulties in being able to create, distribute and manage the customers.
Creating a partnership with Lightflow has a minimal cost and guarantee first level services.
Working with us means, be an entrepreneur of yourself, not have fixed schedules or even people telling you what to do and have full training on every business process, from marketing, to the customers care.

With us of Lightflow the training is free.

In these years Lightflow has brought out some very important leaders, persons who have attained an economic independence, real specialists of this sector, people who have done numbers that are almost unthinkable for a neophyte.

These people will be the ones who will guide and train you especially in the initial phase.

In addition, you will attend continuous refresher courses and conventions, all for free.

Personal formation

Public speaking, Team management, Money management, Situational leadership are just some of the sectors where, not only a manager, but also an entrepreneur must excel. Working with us you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the prestigious Diamond Mind, leading company in network marketing training of which its CEO Fabrizio Mellone is considered among the most experienced in the industry.

He pays for his Salespersons the personal training for 80% and courses that cost thousands of euros will be offered to you for only a few tens euros just because you are a Lightflow employee.

A solid community of Salespersons

As IBO, you can join our team of experts. With hundreds of independent distributors, you can always count on our support to achieve your goals.
We support you every step of the way. You can contact your personal mentor at any time and take part in on-line training courses, free and available 24 hours a day, staying comfortably at home. Do you need help? Simply contact us via website or call the call center.

Remuneration plan, unique in the world

Lightflow is the only Company in the world to dispose the Bonus support.

This incentive will allow you to build a salary from the first month without having to wait for the construction of your Network. In addition, through the Unilevel bonus, considered by many the best front-line bonus that grows proportionally with the turnover growing, you will contribute to the development of your passive income.

Bonus manager and Top manager

We also support you in the intermediate phase. That’s why we assure you the Bonus Manager and Top Manager to support your business. But it’s not just a financial reward, you’ll also have a Company car, all without having to sign leasing contracts or mortgages. Lightflow will pay all the stamp and insurance fees, leaving you with the cost of fuel.

Bonus leader

The bonus leader is a reward for the leaders who have been working with us for a few years. It consists in important bonuses that will allow you to achieve your economic independence.

The LIGHTFLOW business is much more than all this

Our brand puts its employees first by investing in their professional and individual growth by developing those skills to make them autonomous figures who have a clear path that they want to follow.

Improving one’s emotional management, persuasive abilities, improving relationships in one’s family, among friends, having clarity of one’s own identity and the path one wants to take is the real focus of Lightflow’s opportunity.

If you are a determined person who wants to grow, not only economically but also professionally, give yourself this opportunity and discover a world different from any other.

“if nothing could change, butterflies wouldn’t exist.”

Anonymous philosopher



Monica Mosso and Christian Bertuzzi

Our story started when we were successful entrepreneurs. Christian was a personal trainer, I was a trader in a supplement store. Our career was at the highest level, but we were missing something: being able to enjoy time together whenever we wanted, and not when others decided. In order to change that perspective, we decided to invest in projects outside our activities. We thought we just had enough money, and that money makes money: we were wrong, and we knew in our own skin that to invest you have to have skills and be trained by who, in that sector, has been successful. We found ourselves rags-to-riches, with unimaginable economic damage. We took back our old businesses, with an aggravating circumstance: most of the customers had moved away.

One day, a friend of Christian’s brought him a book: that reading enlightened our minds. After a few weeks, the author went to our city to teach in a course: Christian immediately realized that the man, Fabrizio Mellone, would change our life. We decided to enroll in another three-day course, despite the difficulty to pay it off. Fabrizio turned our brains upside down! we understood the mistakes made and dismantled the old business knowledge. Thanks to him we discovered Lightflow, a company operating in the health and wellness sector, and we became part of that unique project in the world. From that moment on, our growth was incredible, simply applying to the letter the teachings of Fabrizio. Today, after 7 years, our organization invoices 600 thousand euros per month, with 20 leaders and a constantly expanding network. We have achieved financial independence, having all the time to be together as and when we want!


Mirko Burgio

I was born in Sicily and raised in a humble family. Since I was a boy, the desire for a more comfortable life led me to chase after work, between vicissitudes and wrong investments, without ever being able to become the freelancer I wanted to be. The turning point came when I met Fabrizio Mellone and entered into a partnership with Lightflow, a path that allowed me to turn adversity into redemption and achieve financial freedom. Today, with over 5 passive income salaries, I continue to help my employees to make the most beautiful “work” in the world!


Simona Viale and Gabriel Bianco

After years in which we lived to work, chased by banks and economic difficulties, without having time to really be together, we never expected what we are living today. The turning point came when they told us about the Academy of Fabrizio Mellone: the acquired skills, together with the simplicity of the Lightflow system, gave the turning point to our lives. Now we look to the future in a serene way: this is not an activity of “rounding at the end of the month”, it is not something that “I try to do and see how it goes”, this is the solution that allows to realize dreams!


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