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Carbolight Erythritol


It is packaged with care in our factory! From now on, you can use this ingredient in your daily sweet cooking! The Erythritol, in addition to temperature-resistant, is a perfect ingredient for your creations such as cakes and biscuits! Erythritol is a naturally occurring 4-carbon polyalcohol in fruit and fermented foods. Its sweetening power is about 70% of that of traditional sugar.

With zero calories

500g packages

Erythritol is a polyalcol naturally found in fruit and in fermented foods. Its industrial production occurs through microbial fermentation by selected yeasts. Its sweetening power is about 70% that of normal sugar.
Its peculiarity is that it has zero calories!

In fact, at first about 90% of it is easily absorbed into the small intestine (the remaining 10% is shed with faeces), but after a short time, it is excreted with urine and it is not metabolised! This means that it’s a “carbohydrate non-carbohydrate”. Trying to better inform yourself about this ingredient you have to know that it is chemically part of the carbohydrate family (Yes, polyalcohols, also called polyols, are part of carbohydrates!) but at the metabolic level it behaves in a completely different way: is absolutely inert as it is absorbed and then expelled as it is!

Thus, chemically erythritol is composed 100% by carbohydrates, but 0% of those is metabolised!
You can use it to sweeten anything you want! Moreover, as it is temperature-resistant, erythritol is the perfect ingredient for your everyday cooking, such as cakes, tiramisù, biscuits, etc, without forgetting the wise choice to consume less sugars during the day!

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