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Plumcake al Cacao Confezione
Plumcake al Cacao Confezione
Plumcake Cocoa Plumcake Packaging
Plumcake al Cacao Composizione Breakfast
Plumcake Cocoa Plumcake Composition Breakfast
Plumcake al Cacao Monoporzione
Plumcake Cocoa Plumcake Single-Portion
Plumcake al Cacao ConfezionePlumcake al Cacao Composizione BreakfastPlumcake al Cacao Monoporzione


Soft and tasty,low in sugar and rich in fiber, perfect for the sweetest and most delicious break of the day. Super greedy, fragrant and practical in its package with single portion plumcake from the classic elongated shape: you just have to try it!

With 0.92g digestible carbohydrates per portion

500g package

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