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LIGHTFLOW Lumbar Band is realized with a highly FIR emissivity fabric. It can be used to treat low back pain resulting from injuries, hip disorders, lumbar osteoarthritis and to alleviate muscle fatigue. Rotated 180 degrees, can be used on the…

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Thanks to its FIR properties, it is useful for treating osteoarticular traumas. It is recommended in case of cramps as well as in the treatment of dermatitis, fungal attacks and widespread pain in the hands or feet. Assists in the…

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Featuring ergonomic compression profile, it is designed to support the joint both during physical activity and at rest. Realized with a highly FIR emissivity fabric, it is an ideal solution in case of traumatic injuries. It supports the healing process…

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Made with FIR fabric, offers support to the ankle both during sports practice and in moments of rest, heating the tendons and soothing inflammation or fatigue. Assists in the treatment of sprains, contusions, trauma, sports and other diseases, arthritis, tendinitis,…

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