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Nutrilight Instant Mocaccino

Coffee, cocoa and ganoderma for an explosive blend of taste and well-being. Do not give up the charge of coffee and chocolate flavor with this instant drink enriched with the extraordinary Ganoderma and low sugar.

100% Natural.
The Ganoderma promotes the natural body’s defence.


Content of the box: 15 SINGLE-DOSE SACHETS of 17g.


Ganoderma is a parasitic fungus. Its bitter taste and woody texture do not make it suitable to be consumed whole or before being processed. Its fruiting body can vary from red to almost black, and it has a characteristic lucid aspect, hence its scientific name. Ganoderma can have six different colours. The red and the black ones are the best kinds, but generally the red one is preferred due to his high content in polysaccharides. It is a very rare fungus in nature, but it can be successfully grown. It is listed among the 10 most efficient natural therapeutic substances: in China and Japan it is considered the immortality fungus.


The Ganoderma used by LIGHTFLOW in the products of the NUTRILIGHT line is the Red Ganoderma (the type with the highest amount of active principles) with certified Organic origin. In organic plantations, buried wood logs are used as substratum. This guarantees a production of a higher quality.


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Preparing a good soluble Mokaccino with Ganoderma has never been so easy! - Heat water. To fully benefit from the properties of green tea, we suggest you to use hot water at a temperature of 70°-80°. - Pour the amount of hot water you prefer and stir for 2/3 minutes. - Brew one LIGHTFLOW tea bag of your favourite flavour for a few minutes. (The brewing time can vary depending on taste. We suggest not to exceed 4 minutes) - Enjoy the LIGHTFLOW wellbeing tea! For an optimal dose, pour the content of the sachet in 125 ml of hot water at 80° and stir for 2/3 minutes.


INGREDIENTS: Erythritol, skimmedmilkpowder, soluble coffe 7%, cocoa powder, cocoa paste, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vegetal fibres, milk protein, Ganoderma Lucidum 5%, thickening agent: dietary cellulose, salt. Anti-caking agent. Produced and packaged in a factory that uses ingredients that contains: gluten, nuts and eggs. The highlighted ingredients may cause reactions in allergic or intolerant people.

Supplement facts for 100g of product: kcal (36,2), Kj (151,56), Proteins (3g), carbohydrates(3,8g), Fats (1g), Fibre (2g).

Cod. N-SL-MOK Mokaccino solubile

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